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Mobile makes up more than 50% of total Internet Traffic globally!

If you're not thinking Mobile first, you're not thinking at all...

Written by: Brandon Faber

“Empowered consumers, changing rules, new engagement opportunities – are you Mobile Ready?”

We “borrowed” this above opening line from our friends at Google. Being “Premium Partners” has its perks – one of which is having access to Google’s latest research and data re: Mobile User Behaviour and how that impacts our digital world.

The reality is that we no longer “go online” but “live online”, with every day made up out of a myriad of “micro moments” that influence our decisions and impacts on the way we interact with the world.

It is “winning these micro moments” that now makes all the difference . . . and with Google’s research showing that we look at our phones at least 150X a day, now is certainly the time to ask yourself ONE QUESTION.

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Are we a “mobile first” thinking business?

Mobile makes up more than 50% of total internet traffic globally – with South African mobile web traffic accounting for a staggering 75% of local volumes. Our world of “Micro Moments” now demands that companies are super attentive to factors such as: 

  • “intent”
  • “context” and
  • “immediacy” in relation to user’s search behaviour.

Types of moments to note:

  1. “I want to know” –  66% of smartphone users turn to their phones to look up something they saw on TV
  2. “I want to go” –  searches that include the phrase, “near me” have doubled in the last year. e.g. “Pizza place near me”
  3. “I want to do” – over the last year there has been a 70% increase in “how to” related searches. e.g. “How to repair a broken door lock”
  4. “I want to buy” – 82% of smartphone users consult their phone in-store when making a purchase decision

To succeed in a micro-moment world it is important to keep 4 key factors in mind:

  1. BE THERE: Consider the  most searched topics for your brand or category. Test them out. Does your brand/company feature? What is your share of consumer intent and what is the gap between mobile and desktop – and your peers?
  2. BE USEFUL: Just producing content for the sake of it is pointless. Make sure you are “useful” in the moment. e.g. if a search is performed for “best tires for my car” then you cannot offer information about which car radios you have on special.

    73% of consumers say that regularly getting useful information from an advertiser is the most important attribute when selecting a brand.
    51% of smartphone users have bought from a brand other than the intended one because the information supplied was useful.
    61% of smartphone users say they’re more likely to buy form companies who customise mobile information to their location

  3. BE QUICK: A slow loading website or poorly performing app will lead to a high abandonment rate, with 20% of visitors never returning.
  4. CONNECT THE DOTS: Micro moments have fragmented the consumer journey with people now using multiple screens for every day activities. Your customers now research your products and services online before heading in-store, with mobile phones widely considered the new “shopping assistant” – as customer read reviews and ratings that help them make a purchase decision.

Are you able to connect the user-journey dots in your organisation? Are you able to account for all types of mobile-driven conversions, including those that happen in your store, app, call centre etc?

The reality is that real success in a micro-moment world requires insights into all of the above. Preparing for the world of today, let alone the evolution of tomorrow requires you to make a conscious decision to shift your thinking, to embrace change and capitalise on the introduction of new technologies and value of data analyses . . . before your competition does.

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