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What is your Digital Strategy in this world?

Written by: Dean Rajh-Gopaul

We have moved  on from asking “What is your Digital Strategy” to “What is your Digital Strategy in this world?”

The answer is, obviously, not nearly as simple as some make it out to be.

You (or your company’s marketers) are told to just keep your Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost per Click (CPC) as low as possible and the rest of the world’s acronyms (your SEO, SEM, eCRM, DSC, TC and PDC) all in check and performing well and you’re away… okay fine, those last three were actually driver aids on vehicles but, in all honesty, the speed at which digital moves, they might well be real things in practice by the time you finish reading this article.

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So what is Digital Strategy in today’s world, really?


Broadly speaking it’s working out:

  • how the online world plays a part in the overall business strategy,
  • understanding where digital will lead the way
  • where it will support your other channels

Your company wants to grow, be it in market penetration through new product offerings or entering new markets, so how will digital help make this happen?

Broken down further, strategy itself is about understanding where you currently are, where you want to go, then developing a systematicmeasurable plan of how to get there, all within a desired time frame.

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