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Content plays a strong and important role in the marketing mix.

It has for some time now yet many companies (both here and abroad) haven’t the foggiest idea how to execute a sound content-marketing strategy . . . let alone create the type of 10X content that such a strategy needs to succeed.

Without heading into significant detail in this blog today it’s safe to say that most companies are producing volumes of content just for the sake of “getting something out”.

That’s like making a half-baked cake and expecting people to buy it while you have an award-winning pâtisserie next door.

It’s not going to happen because the paying public are spoilt for choice and a better piece of content – whether it be video, podcast, written work or other materials are just a click away.

All you are doing is “doing something” . . . it’s a false sense of accomplishment – a “busyness” that delivers zero, nada, zilch real value to the business.

Let’s be honest; it’s just for show and tell.

Often, agencies will be contracted to help create content on behalf of clients. 100% fine and professional help really is a must for thinly-stretched marketing departments.

Often, however, those agencies are then left to their own devices as companies struggle to understand their own voice – and how that voice can (and should) be used to connect clients to content.

Be original. Be relevant. Be you.

As long ago as December 2016 – that’s before Donald Trump became president and while JZ was still ruining the roost here in South Africa – Marketing Insider Group published a report called “The personalization imperative (for content marketing)”.

Key findings of the report (based on a survey of over 1500 US consumers) included the following – and are just as relevant to local business today as it was for those in the US three years ago.

  • Nearly half of consumers won’t spend time with branded content if it’s not relevant to their interests.
  • 88% of consumers say that personally relevant content improves how they feel about a brand.
  • Consumers find content that “informs” (40%) and “educates” (28%) to be the most valuable.

In a world where so many brands are shouting from the rooftops for our attention it’s “relevance” that initially grabs attention . . . it’s “originality” that then holds that attention – and herein lies the rub, gentle reader.

You know your industry better than anyone else – certainly better than any agency.

Therefore you know what the real pain points are, what trends suggest, where small operational or other adjustments could improve the Customer Experience (CX) and / or bring greater value.

You know what your voice should be saying so have the confidence to get that message out there, working with your agency to set a strategy that allows the public to get to know the “you”, the “people”, “culture” and “thinking” that makes your company tick.

NJIN Content Marketing

Be the King maker.

Yes, content can play a strong role in your marketing mix but you have to invest in it. Not only to ensure quality but to ensure that it speaks in your voice to your people.

In seriously challenging economic times, companies that people relate to most will gain the first foot in customers’ decision-making door . . . from there it’s down to service, delivering on brand promise and value to keep their attention (and spend).

The time to act, is now.