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Over 50% of leads delivered to Liquid Telecom converted into sales opportunities.

Liquid Telecom South Africa

Google PPC

Key Campaign Challenge

The previous Google Campaign Manager had been targeting the whole of South Africa, which was a waste as Neotel / Liquid Telecom only services certain specific areas. This change in location targeting alone made a huge improvement in search and display.

Result Takeaways

Due to the previous Adwords Campaign Manager targeting the wrong location, we had to make a drastic change in location targeting, which caused major improvement in search and display raking results.

Lead quality improved drastically (as per then CMO, Samantha Kaaber) thereby improving ROI for Liquid Telecoms.

• 52% of leads delivered to Liquid convert into sales opportunities
• Of those opportunities, 8 out of 10 are closed / converted into clients.


Facebook Live interview with Akani Simbine

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