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In the months leading up to their launch towards the end of September 2018, NJIN Agency strategically targeted and partnered with South African brands complementary to its own thinking and philosophy.

Iconic South African rock band, The Parlotones, is one of the agency’s new signings.

Iconic Rock Brand

“This year the Parlotones are celebrating two decades of doing things differently and making their own way in the South African music industry,” says NJIN Head of Agency, Brandon Faber. “We identify with that spirit and, of course – it’s damn cool to work with people that appreciate the value of production and the power of brand, while remaining in tune with the greatest asset of them all, the paying fan.”

Dragonflies and Astronauts.

“We’ve been looking for a partner that shares our passions and desire for a little theatre in everything we do,” says Kahn Morbee, The Parlotones co-founder and lead-singer. “In NJIN Agency we found a group of people with just the right mix of skills, experience and crazy to help move our brand forward.”

The Parlotones Digital Takeover (as NJIN refers to it) includes a mix of traditional, new media and creative services – stretching through to exciting future campaigns featuring Augmented and Virtual Reality.

“It’s our hope and our goal to work with NJIN to create amazing experiences for our fans,” says Morbee. “It’s a great asset to have these guys help introduce new technologies and opportunities to our world.”

Local is Beautiful, and Magical.

“NJIN Agency and The Parlotones are working on several new projects that, also, include collaboration with other iconic South African brands.

“We love working with great local companies that are looking to be ‘Proudly South African’ through actions, not simply just labels or associations,” says Faber.

“This partnership with The Parlotones provides us with an opportunity to do what we love and create amazing work . . . the fact that the boys come from our side of town (Roodepoort, Johannesburg) is just an added bonus!”

“We are well aware that, in time, our thinking may prove naïve or overly optimistic but we believe this is the right path for our clients, our shareholders and our teams,” says Faber.

“We’ve recruited smartly to answer market requirements for creative, data, technology and strategy to reside in one ecosystem . . . the trick, of course, is to ensure these enhanced capabilities deliver value to all our stakeholders.”

Listen. Think. Deliver.

NJIN Agency has a deep understanding of how tough it is for marketers to get the budgets (and buy-in) they need to get their companies moving in the right direction.

More than most, the agency’s management team consists of people that have spent much of their time “client side” and are they well aware of the pressures on marketing to show real, tangible, returns.

“We are dealing with people’s careers here – way beyond just ‘running campaigns’,” says NJIN Agency MD, Dennis Armstrong. “Our focus is on the creation of amazing user experiences that yield solid campaign or project results.

We are working hard to deliver an efficient and agile service to our clients and, certainly, with NJIN we believe we’ve made great progress in creating an environment that makes that delivery possible.”

Accountable, Flexible and Personable.

“Our approach is sensible and pragmatic,” says Faber. “We are not here to ‘sell’ a stack of products but to recommend the best (fit-for-purpose) digital, marketing and technology solutions.

So far, it seems – that approach is being well received.”